A variety of new Xbox Live features were announced at the Microsoft E3 conference today, including SmartGlass, membership sharing, cash instead of MS Points and Twitch TV. Read on for more…

SmartGlass will be natively included in the Xbox One operating system, allowing advanced connection features which can be used by gamers. Ryse was shown to have Xbox SmartGlass features, showing live updating stats, achievements, friend statistics and leaderboards. We also saw Microsoft’s new Project Spark taking advantage of the touch screen for land sculpting.

Memberships on the Xbox One console can be shared between users. If one user has an Xbox Live Gold membership, all users on the console will be able to take advantage of the membership benefits, including the online multiplayer.

Additionally, Microsoft has finally scrapped the annoying Microsoft Points system, replacing it with the much simpler cash purchase module. This will allow consumers to more easily calculate the price of items, rather than having to deal in the confusing points interface.

Finally, Twitch TV will be providing live game streaming features to the console. Players can bring up the Twitch app to stream to an audience, who will be able to hear your mic and send you chat messages. The feature is very similar to the PS4′s streaming service, announced earlier this year.

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