Well, you know when the 3DS XL was announced a week ago and they revealed it wasn’t going to have a second circle pad… well… we though that meant that the 3DS XL wasn’t getting a second circle pad at all.

We were wrong. Nintendo has gone utterly crazy and Famitzu has revealed that the clunky Circle Pad Pro is also coming to the 3DS XL in a bigger form. You remember the Circle Pad Pro, don’t you? The big, thick, awkward add-on which made the 3DS less portable than ever.. well imagine what this larger form is going to do. The 3DS XL basically will not be a portable handheld anymore.

Are Nintendo insane? Why did they not simply INCLUDE the extra circle pad on the 3DS XL. Something a bit strange is going on over the meeting rooms an Nintendo HQ.. we will keep you updated on this!