Sony delighted the entire of the conference audience during their E3 conference earlier today, announcing that used games will be fully supported on the Playstation 4. There will be no kind of online or offline DRM.

NOTE: Please watch the hilarious video below, showing PS4′s used game system!

The crowd exploded with cheers up the announcement of full used game support on the Playstation 4. Jack Tretton, head of SCEA, confirmed that the Playstation 4 allows you to sell or lend your PS4 games without restriction. Additionally, the console will NOT require players to check in online every 24 hours, similar to the Xbox One, and the game will NEVER stop working offline.

So, to confirm:
– The PS4 will fully support the sale of used games
– The PS4 will not verify game licenses online
– The PS4 will never cease playing a single player game due to lack of internet connection
– You are never required to sign in to player single player games