Sony has ended all the speculation and revealed the Playstation 4, and in style. The system received quite a detailed rundown of features, power and game demos, with several developers coming along to show off some projects. The console is set to release in the 2013 holiday season with a wealth of power and new features…

The PS4 is very similar to a PC, using a x86 architecture, which will ensure the easy porting of games from the PC to the PS4 with better graphical quality, almost comparable to gaming PC standards. The system will house a whopping 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, a superfast, powerful type of RAM, which will allow developers to explore opportunities they never could have before.

The system will make use of a highly enhanced PC GPU to render graphical objects and will also contain a second processor, to allow background downloading and updates, in addition to a new feature. The PS4 will allow you to begin playing a game while you are downloading it. A portion will download and you will be able to play this as the rest downloads in the background alongside play.

Also available is the seamless, almost instant sharing of ALL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE by use of the new SHARE button on the PS4’s Dualshock 4 which allows Youtube uploads from any games, as you play, providing new opportunities for social and media uses.

Another feature to be available in the PS4 is the ability to WATCH SOMEBODY PLAY THEIR GAME, chat to them, send onscreen comments of their gameplay and even take control of their game to help them pass a stage, should they give permission to do so. This will all be available through the new deep social integration of the Playstation Network on PS4, which can be accessed through smartphones, tablets, PCs and PS Vitas.

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