The video below shows the main features of the new PS4 user interface, particularly the social network features and sharing ability with your friends. In this video, we also see the speed at which one can multitask on the system, and, overall, the OS looks very impressive.

So, lets explain how this goes. Will picks up his controller, ready to do some PS4 gaming, but spots his friend Sarah got the platinum trophy for Knack earlier that day. He likes her status and jumps into the game instantly and find himself stuck at a boss. He instantly jumps back to the OS, finds a helpful video Sarah posted and uses this to help defeat the boss after jumping back into the game, again, without any delay.

Meanwhile, Will’s Dad (as far as we can hear anyway), wants him to play Killzone with him. So, after a long wait, Will jumps instantly into the Playstation Store, and chooses to download Killzone’s multiplayer first, so he can play that while he’s waiting for the single player. He then jumps back to Knack, and, again, all of this is instant.

So, in jumps Sarah, sending a message to Will. He thanks her for the helpful video by using the motion controller to write the message. His dad shouts into him again, and, coincidentally, Killzone: Shadow Fall finishes installing (multiplayer anyway), so, Will (again, instantly) jumps into a Killzone multiplayer game.

All a happy ending? Well, Will doesn’t seem to be a very good gamer, so, his ‘dude’ uploads a video to help him will Killzone. Sarah then jumps in and comments on the video which was uploaded to help Will, doing this from her phone. Sarah then buys Killzone: Shadow Fall on her phone and pushes the game to her Playstation 4 while she’s out. Will then asks Sarah does she want to join his clan, and, she responds NO… crushing Will’s hopes of more than a clan. She then comes back and says you join mine 🙂 – to the relief of Will.