Sony decided to finally share a teardown of the upcoming, highly-anticipated PlayStation 5 console today, with the official video showing a complete disassembly of the system while pointing out key components and innovations throughout.

The video shows off a variety of features including removable faceplates, which may open up the opportunity of purchasable faceplate designs in the future, the easy-access NVMe SSD expansion port, dust collection ducts and the large dual-sided fan. The stand on which the console sits has also been engineered cleverly, with a clamp for use in horizon placement and a screw which attached to the console for vertical use. The screw can be conveniently stored in a compartment within the stand itself when using the stand in horizon mode.

Another interesting development from the video is the reveal of the comprehensive cooling system. In addition to the fan mentioned previously, the system has an extra large heatsink, taking up perhaps forty percent of the entire console’s volume, judging by the size in the video. The heatsink makes contact with the PS5’s SOC (system on a chip), which houses the CPU and GPU silicon, using a barrier of liquid metal. Liquid metal is a vastly superior substance to the regularly used thermal paste, which is both cheaper and less durable. This lavish cooling system should ensure that the PS5 remains cool and very quiet, with Sony learning from their mistakes with the PS4 and PS4 Pro’s noise output, as stated in Mark Cerny’s Road to PS5 presentation.

We will be continuing our coverage of PlayStation 5 with plenty of reviews come launch on November 19th in Europe. Stay tuned!