Sony revealed that their new Playstation Cloud Gaming service will launch in 2014, offering a back catalogue of PS3 titles to the Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita, streamed over the cloud to the device. This will essentially fix the problem of the console not being backwards compatible.

The service will start off with a limited number of titles in 2014, however, the library will grow bigger and bigger into the coming years. This service will use the power of Gaikai to stream the games to your consoles, effectively using no computational power on the system itself. Sony also re-iterated their plan to offer play-as-you-download games and many other unique opportunities using the power of Gaikai.

This service appears to be excellent value and is one of the extra things Sony did not need to provide, but did to help those who want to be able to carry over some PS3 games to the PS4, in addition to playing them on their Vita. Kudos to Sony!