Your existing Playstation Plus membership will be carried over to the PS4, meaning you only have to pay one price to cover the PS Vita, PS4 and PS3, while still receiving free games for all three platforms. Sony will providing one free PS4 game EVERY MONTH, including DriveClub! However, PS Plus is now mandatory for online play.

A lot of us expected that Plus would become mandatory for online gaming, how else would Sony offset the low price of the console. Playstation Plus, however, is one of the best value services available and I have always been a subscriber. I have no problem paying for the membership to play online in order to get free Vita games, free PS3 games and even a free PS4 game EVERY MONTH. Even the new DriveClub is being given away free on the service as a welcome gift!

It is very nice to know the same Plus membership will grant you access to free games on all three platforms, also providing the other features such as background downloading and cloud game saving on all three Playstation systems. Stick with us for more Sony E3 news!