Playstation Vita system software 2.0 will launch on the system next week, with the main new feature being the introduction of Playstation Plus to the system. Anyone who has a PS3 subscription will not be charged any extra to access the service, which will offer two Vita games per month, with a total of four available at all times.

In an effort to increase the PS Vita’s sales, the system will be receiving monthly Playstation Plus content offerings of two free games, with four free games being available at any given time (two will be switched out each month). In addition to this, automatic trophy syncing, 1GB of cloud save space and auto syncing save game uploads will be available on the Vita.

However, Sony announced that system software 2.0 will also bring some other extras to the struggling system. An email application will be included on the device which will allow you to email using your existing accounts.

In addition to this, a new wireless content sharing system will be available, now allowing the wireless transfer of data through the content manager system. This will allows wireless communication with a PC for the transfer of files.

Finally, the browser has also seen an improvement with better HTML5 support and the video app is now able to play slightly downscaled 1080P videos directly on the system!

Playstation Plus will launch on Vita on November 21st in Europe and November 20th in the US.