Massive Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 leaks have surfaced through Japanese magazine, CoroCoro which has been kindly translated by Serebii, a Pokemon fansite. These new details include many details about the plot and new challenges in the game, so don’t read on if you don’t want to spoil anything. Click “Toggle Spoiler” below to reveal the details…

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CoroCoro has begun to leak images from Black and White 2. These images of Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 and leak much information about the game. Firstly, Alder will send you on a quest near the start of the game, beginning your journey in the game.

Cheren has become a Normal-type Gym Leader, however, Bianca is now an assistant to Professor Juniper and while provide your starting Pokemon. N has disappeared and there is no trace of him. Professor Burnett is introduced in the game, also appearing in the new AR searcher 3DS Game. Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus are now in different “Incarnation” formes”, also called “Sacred Beast Forme”. They all retain type and are listed 198-200 in the Unova Pokedex.

Tornadus’ Sacred Beast Forme focuses on Defense, Speed & Special Defense, measures 1.4m and weighs 63.0kg. Thundurus’ Sacred Beast Forme has increased Special Attack. It is 3.0m and weighs 61.0kg. Landorus’ Sacred Beast Forme has increased Attack. It is 1.3m and weighs 68.0kg

Mecha Tyranitar is part of PokéWood. Icirrus City Gym Leader Brycen appears, has a confrontation with Homika’s father who wants to be a movie star, and is part of PokéWood. PokéWood allows you to select a scenario and then make the movie.

Pokémon World Tournament is a new mode which allows you to battle past gym leaders from previous games which will provide more of a challenge and a longer game experience. You will be able to battle old gym leaders such as Brock, Janine, Blaine and many more.

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