Arguably Nintendo’s largest second party franchise, Pokemon recently had a new installment in the form of DS games Pokemon Black 2 & Pokemon 2. The games released on June 23rd in Japan and have sold many copies since then..

The game has become the first of all 2012 titles to sell over one million copies and surely will break 2 million, maybe even 2.5 million before it goes for a US and European release later this year.

Over their first two days on sale, the new installments to the extremely popular franchise sold 1 million, six-hundred & eighteen thousand, six-hundred & twenty one copies (that’s 1,618,621 copies!). It likely also generated a number of sales of the 3DS and DS consoles.

It is currently near the top of the list for fastest selling DS games, however, it ranked in under the original Black & White which sold over 2.5 million copies in two days after it’s release…

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