Ahead of the launch of Super Mario Maker 2 on Nintendo Switch, we take a look at the five most exciting new features coming to the game which will totally change the way you make and play, bringing Super Mario Maker 2 to a whole new level.

5. Clear Pipes

Clear pipes are a brand new course part available in the Super Mario 3D World game style (see number three on this list). Clear pipes allow both players and enemies to travel through a transparent pipe which can be drawn with any desired shape or path. The clear pipe is an excellent course part for safely transporting players across short-to-medium distances where standard pipes would be overkill. They can also be used as an interesting mechanic to move enemies back and forth in areas of a level. They are sure to deliver many exciting new experiences in Super Mario Maker 2!

4. On-Off Switches

On-Off Switches have a wide variety of uses and can toggle between an on state and an off state. In their simplest application, they switch red and blue blocks between solid and invisible states. We also know that they can be linked to special types of track and conveyor belts to toggle their activation.

Spike blocks in the Super Mario 3D World Style can also be linked to On-Off Switches, toggling whether their spikes are active or withdrawn. On-Off Switches are a great way to add new puzzling elements to Super Mario Maker 2 which were not possible in the original game.

3. Super Mario 3D World Style

The Super Mario 3D World game style is a brand new style which was not available in the original game. While it doesn’t enable 3D making and playing, it does turn out to be a very interesting and beautiful new addition to the 2D platforming styles in the game. This style is its own beast, however, and has a wildly different range of course parts than those you can find in other styles. While many are carried over, many are also unavailable but have interesting new elements taking their place. I think that the 3D World style will result in many gorgeous and fresh levels coming to Super Mario Maker 2 as the style offers something very different to the other four in the game.

2. Night Modes

One of the most exciting additions that was revealed was something which applies to every style and theme in the game: night mode! Every theme in the game has a night variant, which not only gives it a new lick of paint and a new musical variant; it also changes how the gameplay experience is entirely. For example, underground theme in SMW reverses the direction of gravity completely! The SMW snow theme makes all surfaces even more slippery than they usually are! Night mode is sure to be hiding a lot more surprises and changes so it will be very exciting to dive into the game and explore the changes.

1. Clear Conditions

Ah, we are at number one! The most exciting change of all, in my opinion, has to be clear conditions! Clear conditions are special criteria that you can add which will not allow a player to complete the level until they have fulfilled that condition. For example, you can make a player eliminate all enemies of a certain type before completing the level. Maybe you want them to collect a certain number of coins? You can do that too! You can even stop them from jumping in a level. Clear conditions will usher in a whole new wave of Mario levels which we have never seen before, even in official Nintendo games. They truly are an exciting new feature which will be a game changer!

These are just five exciting new features from a gargantuan list of changes in Super Mario Maker 2, launching July 28th on Nintendo Switch!