Bethesda revealed a new game in the Prey series during their E3 Press Conference, however, it doesn’t look anything like the 2006 Prey game.

A psychological thriller game, Prey introduces Morgan Yu as he battles an alien threat aboard the Talus 1 space station. You must explore the station and discover the reason behind the presence of the aliens, however, it appears that there will be many surprises along the way.

The trailer gives us an intriguing glance into the story; Morgan repeatedly wakes up to the exact same day, however, each day we notice one of his eyes becoming redder. Eventually, some unknown humans call him in for some mysterious experimentation. Finally, the trailer shows some of the gameplay with Morgan taking on some aliens. Watch it for yourself below!

We certainly are excited for the game which is being developed by Arkane Studios, the studio behind Dishonored. Nothing more than a 2017 release has been confirmed, however, it is likely the game will be arriving on PS4, Xbox One and PC.