Sony announced a host of news at their TGS conference, among those were the reveal that the PS Store is going to be designed, the PS Mobile launch date – and – the launch of a comic store on PS VITA!

Playstation Store Redesign
Sony hinted at a Store redesign during their conference, however, concrete details are yet to be set. We assume this will launch alongside the PS Mobile platform and the Vita Comics store.

We hope that they will make loading speeds faster, introduce a web based Store for the PC from which you can push downloads – and, most importantly, a download list with sorting options!

Playstation Mobile launch
Playstation Mobile will launch on all supported phones, tablets and the PS VITA on October 3rd with it’s own store. It will showcase indie games available for prices from $2-$20. PSN functionality and exact features are yet to be revealed, however, we hope things like multiplayer, trophies and dedicated PSN connectivity will be eventually available.

The SDK for the platform will only cost $99 a year, a very cheap way to publish games on a number of platforms… more to come soon!

Playstation Vita Comics application
A comic reader will launch on PS VITA this October, allowing PS VITA users access to a library of comics to read on the go… why Sony didn’t just expand the Vita to a fully fledged eBook reader and store is beyond me!

The “Reader Store” will be launched on the PS Store, hopefully meaning more than just comics will be available to purchase. It will be similar to the PSP Comic reader with updates graphics, touch functionality and a portrait mode.

Stick with us for more!