Sony announced the next Playstation 4 firmware update during their Gamescom conference today; version 2.0. This firmware update will bring a variety of new features to the Playstation 4, including SharePlay, Youtube support and enhanced friend search. The full changelist of the update will not be known until it is released.

SharePlay is a new feature which allows friends to connect to your PS4 and take part in the game you are playing; literally taking control of the game to help you. This feature was initially touted as the PS4 reveal and is finally with us. If you are stuck on a particular level or just want your friend to try out a game, you can use this feature to allow them to do so. Additionally, SharePlay will allow a second player to connect to your PS4 remotely and play a co-op or multiplayer game alongside you; even if they don’t have the game! This would work well for a game like Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate, as your friends can now play local co-op with you.

Youtube uploading is also coming to the PS4. This means that you will no longer be required to upload saved gameplay videos to Facebook; you will not be able to upload to your Youtube account. Also, the PS4 will receive a dedicated Youtube app, allowing you to browse videos on the popular video sharing network. Keep an eye out for more information about this!

An enhanced friend searching system is also being added to the PS4, as is a recommendation system and a few tweaks to the “What’s new” screen. Sony have hinted that there may be more features included in the update, which shouldn’t take too long to reach us. However, we will have to wait until release to find out more about how SharePlay will work and what other features may be included!