Mark Cerny, the mastermind behind the design and architecture of the Playstation 4 console has described in an interview how the PS4 will have cross game chat, the much requested feature the PS3 was unable to provide. Read on for more details on Mark Cerny’s announcement which will likely have Playstation fans sighing with relief…

Cerny has revealed the PS4 plays host to a dedicated on-board audio chip which will handle cross game chat. This means that the entire processing power of the system will be dedicated towards solely the game, and none of the resources will be eaten by the OS-level chat feature. This means we are likely to see the developers being able to fully utilise the entire processing power of the system, without any being eaten up by other processes.

The PS3 did not have the resources available to fuel cross game chat, for it would take too much away from the power available to the developers who were already limited in terms of resources, however, it appears Sony have yet again taken on board criticism and added a dedicated chat chip, showing that Sony mean business with their upcoming console. The company appears to be on fire with its PS4 announcements and things appear to be getting better and better as we hear more about the console.

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