The PS4 Neo/PS4K/PS4K Neo would appear to be set for release sometime before October 2016 and seems to be in line for a release alongside the upcoming PlayStation VR.

Innelec Multimedia, a French retailer, made the following statement via a press release which has been translated into English:

The current year should be marked for the video game industry by the arrival, in the first half of the fiscal year, an evolution of the Sony PS4 console with the Neo 4K with new features and the placing on the market in October 2016 the virtual reality helmet Sony VR.

The retailer retracted the statement later but not before a myriad of websites got their hands upon it. A spokesperson of the company later denied knowledge of the existence of a PlayStation Neo/4K console, saying that they had never heard of it.

According to leaked documents, the PlayStation 4 Neo will sport an identical 8-core Jaguar CPU to the original PS4, albeit overclocked from 1.6GHz to 2.1GHz (likely achieved by an improvement in the cooling system and power efficiency). In terms of graphics, the PS4 Neo’s GPU will be an “upgraded” AMD GCN featuring 36 CUs (compute units) running at 911MHz in contrast to the original PS4’s 18 CUs at 800MHz. However, it has been suggested that the 28nm process used in the original PS4 would not support as many as 36 compute units, hence, it is rumoured that the PS4 Neo will be using AMD’s new Polaris 14nm architecture. This would deliver a big increase in power efficiency for the system.

Finally, the PS4 Neo will feature the same 8GB GDDR5 RAM, however, it will be running at a higher clock speed giving a bandwidth increase of approximately 20%. It is also rumoured that due to the increased bandwidth, an addition 0.5GB will be made available to developers as the system reserved memory will be reduced.

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