Sony has confirmed that they will continue to focus on the Playstation 4 at Gamescom in Cologne this year. Many suspected that Gamescom would be focused on the PS Vita due to Sony’s lack of even mentioning it during E3, however, the company has confirmed that they will focus on PS4 games at the conference.

E3 was excellent for Sony. They cleared up their DRM policies, showed off some very interesting new games and got a great response from the crowd. Their complete lack of used game DRM and online requirements forced Microsoft to do a U turn on their policies and remove their used game DRM and the requirement to sign in every 24 hours on the Xbox One.

Sony’s PS Vita hasn’t been doing so well since the launch (but it’s getting better), but the company didn’t mention it at E3. This led people to suspect Gamescom would be about the Vita. While we still expect there to be some time given to it, Sony has confirmed the PS4 will still be the main focus at the event in Cologne.

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