We reported yesterday that some PSN services had gone down unexpectedly, to follow that, Sony this morning issued a statement saying all services are back online thankfully.. however…

All services are now back online after reports yesterday that many could not access the Playstation Store and some could not sign in at all, having problems accessing the Network. You can return to your gaming today, just in time for the weekend (I imagine people wouldn’t be too happy if they couldn’t have their weekend PS3 gaming).

In a very bizarre additional part to the statement issued, Sony have recommended any users still having problems should reset their passwords. Sony haven’t given any details why their passwords would need to be reset (obviously they feel that those users having problems might have had their passwords changed) but it feels very strange… I hope this wasn’t another hack attempt, but, if it was, at least it shows Sony have bumped up security.

We will keep you updated..