The entire Ratchet and Clank HD Collection trophy list has been revealed by Insomniac Games. Take a look at the trophies available in the game due to release within the next 2 weeks. Read on for the ENTIRE collection…

Ratchet & Clank

Platinum | Gadget Master » Obtain All Ratchet and Clank Trophies

Gold | Bolt Commando » Gather All 40 Golden Bolts throughout the game

Gold | Skillful » Master all 30 skill points

Gold | “Ratchet, King Midas “ » Obtain all ten gold weapons

Gold | Drek This! » Defeat Chairman Drek

Gold | Speedy » Beat the hoverboard challenge in less than 1:35 on Rilgar

Silver | Ultimate Animal » Obtain the R.Y.N.O

Silver | Twisted Hoverboard » Do a “Twisty McMarx” in the hoverboard Race

Silver | Unlock Sketchbook » Attain 15 Skill Points to Unlock Sketchbook in Menu

Silver | Vandal » Destroy all streetlights in Oltanis

Silver | Girl Trouble » Defeat Blarg Station Alien Queen using only the wrench!

Silver | Gadgeteer » Obtain all regular gadgets

Silver | Nano This! » Upgrade to Ultra Nanotech

Silver | Bolt Collector » ”Collect 1,000,000 Bolts”

Silver | All Qwark’d Up » Defeat Captain Qwark’s Ship

Silver | Eat Lead » Use a Sand Mouse to destroy all the tanks on Batalia

Bronze | Hey, Over Here! » Lure an enemy into a forcefield on Orxon

Bronze | Strike a Pose! » Stand between AL’s Roboshack Statues legs on Kerwen

Bronze | Vehicle Bombardier » Blow Up 10 Vehicles on Eudora

Bronze | “Cluck, Cluck ” » Turn a tank into a chicken on Rilgar

Bronze | Qwarktastic » Destroy Captain Qwark training robot on Kerwen

Bronze | Take Aim » Destroy a fighter or bomber on Novalis

Bronze | Transported » Destroy three flying transports on Aridia

Bronze | Destroyed » “On Gaspar, blow up all Blarg destroyers”

Bronze | Sniper » Shoot a Scream through the sniper hole on Orxon

Bronze | Lombax Magnetic » Obtain the Magneboots

Bronze | Buried Treasure » Find and destroy all the crates in the ocean on Pokitaru

Bronze | Hit Me More! » Obtain the Premium Nano upgrade

Bronze | These are not the droids you’re looking for… » Obtain the Persuader

Bronze | Magician » Score 4500+ on a hoverboard race on Kalebo III

Bronze | Very Sucky » Obtain the Suck Cannon

Bronze | Pest Control » Kill all Anklebiter on Planet Hoven

Bronze | Sitting Duck » Destroy all cargo ships in the base on Orbital Oltanis

Bronze | Careful Cruise » Traverse the water region without losing any health on Veldin’ Orbital Station

Bronze | Going Commando » Kill 10 elite guards with only the wrench on Veldin

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando

Platinum | He Went Commando Obtain All Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando trophies

Gold | Platinum Power » Obtain All 40 Platinum Bolts

Gold | Super Skilled » Attain All 30 Skill Points

Gold | Destruction Time » “All Weapons, all fully upgraded”

Gold | Mutation Complete » Defeat Mutated Protopet

Gold | I got bolts to trade » Collect 2 Million Bolts

Silver | Wrench Ninja II: Massacre » Kill all enemies with a wrench and without dying on Planet Joba

Silver | Nano To The Max » Max out Nanotech Upgrades

Silver | That’s Impossible! » “Beat the “”Impossible Challenge”” in the Megacorp games”

Silver | Nice Ride » “Buy all weapons, shields, and upgrades for your ship”

Silver | Bolted Down » Collect 1 Million Bolts

Silver | Midtown Insanity » Grind the train rails without tanking any damage on Planet Damosel

Silver | Wrech Ninja: Blade to Blade » Defeat Chainblade in the Arena using only the wrench

Silver | Now its time… » Obtain R.Y.N.O. II

Silver | BFG » Obtain the Zodiac Gadget

Bronze | Heal Your Chi » Collect 100 Crystals in the desert of Tabora

Bronze | Safety Deposit » Protect the 4 civilians in the bank from robtos on Planet Damosel

Bronze | More Vandalism? » Break all breakable inside Megacorp Store on Planet Oozla

Bronze | Clank Needs a New Pair of Shoes » Play slot machines until you win 300 bolts and the skill point

Bronze | Robo Rampage » ”On Planet Dobo, destroy every building in the city during the boss battle.”

Bronze | Bolt Scavenger II » ”Collect 100,000 Bolts”

Bronze | Speed Demon » ”On Planet Barlow, get a time of 2:10 or less in the hoverbike race”

Bronze | Prehistoric Rampage » Shoot down the pterodactyls on Planet Oozla

Bronze | Museum Tour » Gain access to the Insomniac Museum

Bronze | Be a Moon Child » Mine all 101 crystals in the ice fields on Greblin

Bronze | 2B Hit or Not 2B Hit » Defeat B2 Brawler with only the wrench in the Gladiator Arena

Bronze | Operate Heavy Machinery » Destroy 10 robots on Endako using the cranes

Bronze | No Shocking Developments » Grind the power cable and lumber yard without taking damage on Planet Boldan

Bronze | More Bolts? » ”Collect 50,000 Bolts”

Bronze | You can Break a Snow Dan » Blow up the snowman on Siberius

Bronze | Bye Bye Birdies » Kill 12 birds on Planet Joba

Bronze | You’re My Hero » Protect all tourists on Planet Todano from the squirrels

Bronze | Try to Sleep » Turn 16 Squirrels into Sheep on Planet Todano

Bronze | Moving Violation » Shoot down 14 ships on Snivelak

Bronze | Yay Carbon » Obtain Carbonox Armor

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Platinum | Hero of the Galaxy » Obtain All Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal trophies

Gold | Thorough » Obtain all 40 Titanium bolts

Gold | Skill Master » Attain All 30 Skill Points

Gold | Omega Man » Get all the Omega Weapons including the Rhynocerator

Gold | Friend of the Rangers » Complete every battle mission

Gold | Biobliteration » Defeat the Biobliterator to complete the game

Silver | Nefarious No More » Defeat Dr. Nefarious in the Final Battle

Silver | Strive for Arcade Perfection » Get all Qwark Tokens (100%) on all Vid Comics

Silver | Bash the Bug » Defeat Scorpio with only the wrench in Annihilation Nation

Silver | Qwarktastic Win » Complete the Qwarktastic Battle in Annihilation Nation

Silver | RY3NO » Attain the RY3NO Gadget

Silver | Nano Finder » Get Ratchet’s Nanotech up to 200 (Maxed out!)

Silver | Mini Ratchet » Find the Ratchet Trophy

Silver | Secret Agent Clank » Find the Clank Trophy

Silver | They Never Stop Comin’! » Collect 10 Million Bolts

Bronze | Stay Squeeky Clean » “Complete the “”Path of Death”” on Florana without taking any damage”

Bronze | Monkeying Around » Hit Skrunch the monkey twice with your wrench on the Starship Phoenix

Bronze | Reflect on How to Score » Kill 25 enemies with the Refractor on Marcadia

Bronze | Search for Sunken Treasure » Destroy all underwater crates on Planet Aquatos

Bronze | Eight The Champion » Complete all 8 Gauntlet Challenges on Annihilation Nation

Bronze | Flee Flawlessly » Complete any Gauntlet Challenge without taking any damage

Bronze | Hit the Motherload » Collect all 101 Sewer Crystals on Aquatos

Bronze | Bugs to Birds » Convert 15 Blood Flies into Ducks on Daxx

Bronze | Get to the Belt » Jump up onto the Asteroid Belt on the Obani Moon

Bronze | Feeling Lucky? » Hit the jackpot on a slot machine in Holostar Studios

Bronze | It was a very good year… » Destroy a Blimp flying around Metropolis

Bronze | Suck It Up » Kill 40 enemies with the Suck Cannon at the Crash Site

Bronze | Go For Hang Time » Get 2 seconds of air with the Turbo-Slider on Aridia

Bronze | Break the Dan » Destroy the Snowman at Qwark’s Hideout

Bronze | Penicillin Anyone? » Infect 30 enemies with the Infector Gadget on Mylon

Bronze | Zap Back At Ya’ » Kill 10 enemies with your Refractor Gadget on Aridia

Bronze | These things keep comin’! » Collect 1 Million Bolts

Bronze | Keep the Temperature Low » Get the Snowman Skin

Are you looking forward to getting your hands on thee Ratchet and Clank HD Collection?