Eurogamer has claimed that Vita-PS4 remote play will be mandatory for PS4 games which do not require a camera. They claim a trusted source says that the publishers will have no choice in regards to allowing remote play. Read on for more…

Remote play on the Playstation 3 was a rarely supported feature, however, to the delight of Playstation fans, Eurogamer claims this feature will be compulsory on the PS4. Due to this, all games which do not require a camera on the PS4 will be playable on the PS Vita remotely by streaming over Wifi.

The Playstation 4 console will downscale the resolution of the game before streaming it to the Vita over the Wifi connect. Gaikai streaming is also apparently going to be linked with this feature, possibly reducing lag on the system. The news that this feature will be an OS-level feature is great, as it means those who purchase the PS4 and Vita can stream their games across.

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