A Russian programmer has developed a way to trick the Apple In-App purchase system using fake digital certificates, now allowing you to bypass the micro-transactions to receive premium app content at no charge.

Hackers who were tired of paying for premium in-game content are delighted with the security bypass which utilizes DNS and fake digital certificates to trick your iDevice into thinking you have paid for the content.

In-App purchases does not use any system of tying the purchase receipts to a user, providing the weak point which was available as an exploit for the Russian hacker.

He says the reason for his attempt at exploit is that he was “sick” of “being charged” by apps which monetize using the IAP system.. which apparently is a valid reason according to him.

Hopefully APPLE can update the IAP system soon before developers lose too much from illegal hacking of their work. I am sure Apple is going to be pushed to create a more secure system or risk losing it’s most prominent developers.