Sony has begun it’s E3 2012 hype, leading up to it’s presentation next month with an online press website. The website describes some small details about the Sony press conference and announces plans for reveals on the day of it’s private conference. The expo runs from June 5th – June 7th in the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

“200+ PLAYABLE KIOSKS. 72 HOURS… NEVER STOP PLAYING.” is the headline the mini-site carries. It promises an excellent show for media journalists, game retails and other media professionals.

Sony promises to deliver the launch of over “20 new gaming experiences” and also promises what sounds like new hardware or new hardware features, here is the full extract:

“Come join PlayStation as we give the largest show in entertainment a triple shot of excitement. Be one of the first to witness the launch of more than 20 new gaming experiences. Meet up with developers one-on-one. Then check out the new lineup firsthand and keep on playing as long as you can.”

Well, head on over and check out the minisite by clicking here. I would love to visit E3 myself, however, it isn’t possible. I can’t afford flights to America and accommodation for 3 nights, along with the almost $1000 price tag for entry.

Oh well, maybe some day… thanks for reading InsideTheBox, stick with us for all the latest E3 announcements, we will be setting up a special E3 center for all the announcements !