Sony last night confirmed they have twenty-five new indie games launching in the near future across the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita and Playstation Mobile platforms. These new indie games show the relationship Sony is building with indie devs to get increased support and partnership for their line of Playstation publishing platforms.

Above is Primal Carnage: Genesis, a lovely looking PS4 indie game based on Dinosaurs. In explaining his reason for making a dinosaur game, the founder of the development studio says: “From towering behemoths like the brachiosaurus and the tyrannosaurus rex to smaller creatures like the velociraptor and the dilophosaurus, there is no doubt that there is something magical about the creatures of the prehistoric world.”

There are some really nice-looking graphics there and the PS4 is already showing that indie games are getting full support on the platform. It is clear Sony are making it easier than ever for new indie developers to create high-quality, visually-impressive games for the Playstation 4, ensuring there will be a great lineup of games at the console’s launch. “Our goal is to continue to work with the independent developer community to provide fantastic games you can’t find anywhere else” says Adam Boyes, Vice President of Developer & Publisher Relations (SCEA).

Blacklight: Retribution (PS4)
Primal Carnage: Genesis (PS4)
Divekick (PS3 and PS Vita)
Spelunky (PS3 and PS Vita)
Guacamelee! (PS3 and PS Vita)
Hotline Miami (PS3 and PS Vita)
Dragon Fantasy Book II (PS3 and PS Vita)
Luftrausers (PS3 and PS Vita)
Thomas Was Alone (PS3 and PS Vita)
Rain (PS3)
Sportsfriends (PS3)
Ibb & Obb (PS3)
Velocity Ultra (PS Vita)
Limbo (PS Vita)
Metrico (PS Vita)
Friend Network App (PS Vita)
A Virus Named Tom (PlayStation Mobile)
Beatdown in Treachery City (PlayStation Mobile)
Crumble (PlayStation Mobile)
Crystallon (PlayStation Mobile)
Don’t Wake the Bear (PlayStation Mobile)
Hermit Crab in Space! (PlayStation Mobile)
Oh, Deer! (PlayStation Mobile)
Rymndkapsel (PlayStation Mobile)
Ten By Eight (PlayStation Mobile)

It is great to see that Sony are giving full indie support on the PS3, PS4, PS Vita and PS Mobile platforms to help bring PlayStation games the best lineup of games possible. They also confirmed they are making the approval process for games easier and shorter to help get games onto their platforms faster than ever. Sony also claimed they would offer free dev kits on loan to indie developers and even waive patch fees if the studio needs some financial support – a kind gesture from an increasingly consumer, developer and publisher friendly company.