It has begun, the E3 excitement is on the way! Sony have just confirmed the date and time during which their PS4 centered E3 press conference will run. As we lead up to a big E3 (with two next generation consoles to be on show), we are starting to get excited to see what the biggest names have to show in terms of next generation hardware and software.

Sony have confirmed their E3 press conference will run on Monday, June 10th at 6pm PT. Pacific Time runs eight hours behind UK time, therefore, the conference will begin 2am in the UK and Ireland (and we will still be here to cover it live!). We hope to see Sony reveal more information on the release date and price of the console, in addition to revealing new titles for the console.

Third party support for the PS4 is something else we are very excited about and we hope Ubisoft, EA, 2K and all the other publishers have some nice things to show us in regard to PS4 support. Currently, here is the planned E3 line-up:

Sony, Monday June 10th at 6PM PDT (2AM UK TIME)
Microsoft, Monday June 10th at 9:30AM PDT (5.30PM UK TIME)
Ubisoft, Monday, June 10th at 3PM PDT (11PM UK TIME)
EA, Monday, June 10th at 1PM PDT (9PM UK TIME)

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