After the many teases, rumours and pieces of evidence about a huge PS Plus surprise being announced at E3, Sony has finally set it in stone. Something BIG is coming to Playstation Plus users!

A Sony representative on the Playstation Blog EU said a while back to someone to “just get 3 months” of Playstation Plus, “you won’t be disappointed”, “trust me” he said. Now, it has been spotted on the official Sony US website as the main E3 advertisement for Sony: “E3 2012”, “See the future of Playstation Plus”.

Here is the image:

Something massive has to be coming to Playstation Plus if Sony are feature it as their primary E3 advertisement. Whether it’s access to the Gaikai streaming deal that was confirmed a few days ago or something different, we won’t know until the Sony’s conference.

Perhaps something revolutionary, such as… allowing Plus users to actually demo the games shown off at E3? That would be amazing, we’ll have to wait and see though!

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