Sony (with the Playstation brand) and Microsoft (with the Xbox brand) have both applied for new top-level domains which will be issued in batches of 500 domains beginning in 2013, allowing domains such as – looks strange doesn’t it.. but.. it’s coming!

The domains cost a whopping £118,800 or $185,000 just to apply, with an annual fee of up to $25,000 to go with it. Sony has sent an application for both .sony and .playstation (a very odd decision to me as they could have just used – it’s expensive enough to buy one top-level domain!). Microsoft has also gone for the expensive option, applying for .microsoft and .xbox

Other companies, such as Google (.google), BBC (.bbc) and Apple (.apple) have applied for the new top-level domain system of which the first batch will be issued in March 2013.

Criticism of the new concept has arisen with people arguing that smaller businesses will not be able to afford the cost and will be at a disadvantage.

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