Sony is hyping what is more or less confirmed to be its reveal of the highly-anticipated Playstation 4 in the Playstation Meeting 2013 with a series of videos showing the evolution of the PS1, PS2 and PS3 consoles, which all launched to success… will their next generation continue the trend?

Beginning with the 1994 reveal of the PS1, Sony shows how the system launched to success and took on its rivals in the video game industry. The beginning of their continuing run of home entertainment consoles.

Then followed by the PS2, largely considered to be the best home entertainment release ever. The PS2 was the best selling console ever released and even continues to be played and supported to this day, having being the “biggest thing since television” at its release, according to reporters. It truly is Sony’s biggest achievement in the market since it began.

Our beloved Playstation 3, the current console, what we are all playing at the moment. The PS3 launched almost a year after the Xbox 360 and had a rough start with sales not being as high as in previous years due to the high price. With the release of good games starting on the system, sales picked up, and the system had many price drops and two redesigns. Some of the best games ever created have graced the system and we hope that the upcoming PS4 will be able to do even better…

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