Good news Netflix PS4 users! The PlayStation VR will be capable of showing your streamed content on PlayStation 4!

During the recent PlayStation VR press event in which Sony confirmed that the device will launch this October for a price of €399.99, it was revealed that PlayStation VR will also be able to be used as a screen to play games which are not VR-compatible through a special cinematic mode. This cinematic mode will also be capable of playing videos and other content.

Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida stated to Digital Spy: “We believe that’s a really important part of the entertainment experience that PS VR has to deliver”. He then added “We are working with potential partners in that area, we’re just not ready to announce who will bring their apps to PS VR yet. We will do that soon before the launch.”

When questioned about his thoughts on whether Netflix will make its way to the device, he responded “Oh yes, absolutely.” Yoshida also gave an update on the fifty titles which were confirmed to be coming to the device between its launch and the end of the year, stating that he believes that some of them may move into the New Year due to overcrowding of the release calendar.

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