Sony Computer Entertainment, will, as usual, be holding a Gamescom conference this year in Cologne. Gamescom is a European conference which often is used to focus on upcoming games. Sony are expected to show plenty of PS4 content, with a small amount of added PS Vita on the side.

The conference will be held, as usual, in Cologne (Germany) and Sony will be holding a pre-conference on August 20th at 7pm local time, which translates to 6pm in UK and Ireland. The company are expected to set a final release date for the Playstation 4, show off a wealth of games for the system and possibily reveal a new model of the PS Vita hardware, along with a price reduction for it. Some PS3 content may also be hinted at.

We will be covering the conference on our site with a live stream and plenty of news articles showing everything that happened at the event. Stick with us for more gaming content!