MCV have reported rumours that Sony Computer Entertainment are in the final stages of negotiations with a large cloud gaming firm to begin a takeover. Rumours of Sony entering into a cloud gaming parnership have been wild this week, originally rumoured to be Gaikai, OnLive are now also being considered as the possible party.

We contacted Sony based on the rumours and the response we got was: “No news to share on the streaming partnership”. Now, we may be exaggerating this, but, something about the response. Surely if these were all false rumours it would be – “No news to share on a streaming partnership”0. It’s only a small details, but, it’s worth mentioning.

I am sure all will be revealed at E3, for now, we just have MCV Writter, Ben Parfitt’s tweet:

“For either OnLive or Gaikai, no less -> “@MCVonline: Sony close to agreeing cloud gaming acquisition “


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