Sony has made major losses for the last few years running. The company has made major changes to its structure, expenditure, departments and products over the last two years in an attempt to work towards returning to profit, something they are going all-out with for the Playstation 4. The company today sold their huge Tokyo office block for $1.2 billion, a building comprising over 5% of the company’s asset pool.

Last year, they made a similar deal from the sale of their New York offices, selling them for $1.1 billion and leasing them back from the new owners in an attempt to gain a profit. The New York offices generated a profit of over $600 million on the sale and the sale of the Tokyo offices is expected to bring Sony towards a profit at the end of the current fiscal year.

The Playstation 4 must have been one of their most expensive ventures over the last few years, however, the console is shaping up to be a fantastic offering and is sure to bring Sony a high number of sales during the end of the next financial year and throughout the following year. The company has expanded their Xperia range of phones and tablets, their camera range and enhanced their Bravia television offerings with a new UI and improved technology.

We’ll be bringing you more on the PS4 and Sony’s progress in the coming weeks and months. Stick with ITB