Nintendo surprised us all today when they revealed the brand-new first generation of Pokemon titles on the Nintendo 3DS system. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are the first full 3DS Pokemon games and will be available WORLDWIDE from October. This marks the first time Pokemon has had a same-date worldwide release. The games will feature new Pokemon and a brand new storyline as you embark on a new journey in the Pokemon universe.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are the first Pokemon titles to release on the 3DS and will be available this October worldwide. New features of the 3DS such as 3D, StreetPass and, presumably, the wireless delivery of event Pokemon through SpotPass.

A full set of new Pokemon, including new legendaries, starters and all those between will be available when the game presents itself in October. This exciting new offering shows that Nintendo Direct conferences are not to be undermined, as they can often contain massive announcements.

I’m sure Pokemon fans are very exciting about the pending release – we cannot wait to provide more coverage for this upcoming title and we plan to have a review online close to the time of its launch.