The Walking Dead: Episode 3, the third of the highly acclaimed five episode game series, will be available in the North American PSN later today when the store update goes live, read on for more details and details on release dates for other platforms… the EU PS3 users won’t be too happy with this news again…

Telltale Games third episode of the THE WALKING DEAD will launch later today on NA PSN and will also become available on Steam and Xbox 360 tomorrow in all regions… however… that leaves out one platform. The EUROPEAN PS3 users. As you may remember, EPISODE 2 was also delayed on the EU PSN due to rating and Q/A delays and this is carrying forward with episode 3.

Telltale have apologised to EU users and said they will announce a date once Sony have given them further information. EU PSN users expected these problems to be ironed out before the release of episode 3, however, SCEE continue to disappoint users.

We will be bringing you a review of the title as soon as we can!