Activision, the makers of the globally known CALL OF DUTY series has announced they are making a first-person-shooter version of hit TV series, The Walking Dead. Telltale Games are currently making an episodic series based on a more puzzling aspect of the series, however, Activision are making a more combat oriented TV spin-off.

Daryl Dixon and his brother Merle are the main characters of the game which will be set before the event of season one of the TV Show. The game will follow the story of THE WALKING DEAD much more closely than Telltale’s adaption of the TV show.

Little other information has been released for the game, however, we expect developers (Terminal Reality) to reveal some gameplay soon. The release date will be set sometime in 2013. We will be bringing you more details soon…

Do we expect this to bear any resemblance to Black Ops Zombies, if it has a multiplayer mode?