The top 10 publishers of video games in 2012 have been revealed. After what I feel was a slightly lacklustre year, it has been revealed that EA (and its FIFA franchise) was more popular than Activision (and its Call of Duty series) during 2012. We had some excellent games this year, but, I think there should have been more.

Sony did particularly badly this year, not managing to offer any AAA titles during the year. None of Sony’s first-party offerings this year particularly stood-out, most being only average in performance.

Here is the list of top 10 publishers of 2012:

1. EA
2. Activision
3. Ubisoft
4. Nintendo
5. Microsoft
6. Sega
7. Warner Bros
8. Take-Two
9. THQ
10. Square Enix

We look forward to 2013, which should include some fantastic end-of-gen titles and the reveal of the next generation of video game consoles by Sony and Microsoft. Stick with us for 2013 coverage!