A horde of new Black Ops 2 Zombies information was revealed less than an hour ago, zombies will now feature 3 modes; story (or ‘Tranzit’), survival and grief mode. A new trailer was released and some of the new weapons and characters were also shown for the first time… read on the exciting information!

The new ‘Tranzit’ story mode in Black Ops 2 zombies allows players to travel through a variety of locations on a massive open-world map by the use of a bus (previously shown in the teaser). Zombies will attack the bus whilst you are travelling, so players have to be prepared to run once they leave the vehicle. Story mode will feature powerful items which are composed of parts which must be collected over the course of the story mode in each of the various locations.

Of course, the classic zombies Survival mode makes a return – in style! One of the many changes and upgrades made to the survival mode is the ability to choose the settings for your game. You can disable certain types of weapons and items, change settings related to rounds, perks, challenges and presumably, earned points and zombie drops.

The final new mode will be the ‘Grief Mode’ which will allow two teams of four players to battle to be the final team standing. Both teams will run games simultaneously on the same map and fight to survive for the longest time… a new competitive way to play zombies with your friends.

Treyarch are due to reveal many more details about Black Ops 2, Zombies mode, ELITE and other bonus features over October… stick with us for more coverage of the highly anticipated game!