TwitchTV will be available on the Playstation 4, as confirmed by Sony in their Gamescom Press Conference yesterday, in Cologne. The service is the most popular way to stream video games live online, and, through Sony’s work with the PS4 OS, it seems that the service will be integrated to allow easy live streaming direct from your console while playing your games.

The service, alongside other Catchup TV services and apps such as Netflix, will be available free of charge for all Playstation 4 users to enjoy, even without a Playstation Plus subscription. On the Xbox One, these services require an active gold membership, however, Microsoft may decide to change this in the near future.

The service is a great addition to the console for Sony, making the feature set even stronger, especially considering none of these features are locked behind a paywall. Stick with us for more upcoming Playstation 4 and next generation news!