HMV in Oxford Street will be holding a large demonstration of the upcoming Christmas hit, WONDERBOOK: Book of Spells on their ground floor this weekend. The demonstration will run from 25th-27th August in store.

Wonderbook is set to be a big seller, with partnerships with JK Rowling and BBC having already been made. Also, a unique story, Diggs Nightcrawler will be coming to the platform very soon after it’s launch. It is clear Wonderbook is going to have a lot of potential as a casual, family gaming experience.

Wonderbook will also be priced very competitively. The standalone bundle for the book itself (which can be used for all Wonderbook games as a once off purchase) along with the BOOK OF SPELLS is only £30.99. In future, games for WONDERBOOK will be cheaper, as you will already have the book itself.

A bundle is also available, giving the PS Move & PS Eye with Wonderbook and Book of Spells all in one package at the price of £70.99, however, you will get much better deals on the Move and Eye by shopping around and buying separately.

Also, HMV will be offering £3 off the standard WONDERBOOK and £5 off the Wonderbook/Move bundle if you pre-order in store over the weekend demonstrations. Pop in and have a look, Wonderbook might just surprise you!