The XBOX ONE has just been revealed during the Xbox event with a new focus on instant content, multitasking and television. The console, in addition to a new Kinect sensor and controller has been revealed. Read on for some more information on the new hardware itself….

The new console has a flat-topped rectangular design and looks rather different. The console’s specs have also been revealed; the system houses an 8-core processor, 500GB hard drive, 8GB of standard RAM, BluRay drive and will include a Kinect bundled in. The console will act as an all-in-one home entertainment system with a simple and instant focus.

The Xbox One responds to your voice and allows you to use TV in the console with instant switching from game, to movie, to music, to TV – by voice. The UI has a very similar design to Windows 8 and the console has a new trending area, showing what’s popular in the community.

The console allows you to use snap mode to use two applications simultaneously, for example, you can run Internet Explorer alongside a film to search for additional information.

The new Kinect sensor can support 1080P video and is the most powerful living room camera available. Three operating systems feature on the console, one for deep game access to the hardware, another is the Windows kernel to support easy transfer of Windows 8 applications and the third operating system connects all the elements of the system together.

Xbox Live will be based on the subscription you have now, with 300,000 servers powering the cloud system which will store your music, movies, games and saves online. All this content will be available anywhere 24/7. Achievements will now show details about how you play, not what you’ve done. The new Kinect will allow voice commands for the entire console and universal gestures. Most of the TV functions will, unfortunately, not make it outside of the US. The operating system and system is quite fluid and slick, however, there aren’t too many new features other than the TV integration and service connection. Xbox One focuses more on home entertainment than core gaming. Stick with us for more…