Target, a retailer in the US, have accidentally shipped a number of Xbox One units to customers two weeks prior to the release date. One gamer who was very excited about the arrival has tweeted plenty of information regarding the console in the internet, in addition to screenshots of the operating system, and has been given a console ban by Microsoft. Read on for all the leaked information, and some pictures from the dashboard…

The user has confirmed that he didn’t experience any overheating issues; his Xbox One console and power brick were described as ‘barely warm’ after a number of hours of use. The system is also very quiet according to the user, who also claims that there is a huge selection of colours available for the dashboard; allowing for a little bit of customisation by user. A number of new additions have also been made to the dashboard.

Featured challenges is a new section we haven’t heard of before. These seem to be time-critical versions of achievements. Exactly what you get for doing them is currently unknown, although it is probably some kind of in-game unlock, or perhaps even some points for your gamerscore. Examples of these challenges can be seen in the screenshot above for Need of Speed: Rivals, FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25 and an unknown EA Sports challenge which is cut off the screen.

We can also see some of the apps available on Xbox One, including ‘Messages’, ‘Avatars’, ‘Store’, an app named ‘Upload’, ‘Friends’, a ‘TV’ app (presumably the TV-guide app), a ‘Party’ app, the ‘Game DVR’, ‘Achievements’, ‘Activities’, ‘Internet Explorer’ and finally ‘Settings’. I am curious as to what the ‘Upload’ app is… presumably it is used to upload recorded clips to the internet, however, I would have expected this to be integrated into the ‘Game DVR’ app.

He has also given some information on the day one patch, which is live on Xbox servers, and is approximately 500MB in size. Through checking the Xbox One Store, he has also discovered the download file sizes of many Xbox One games, and has tweeted their values. The games are still unavailable to purchase and download on the Store but the file size is given on their store pages. A list of confirmed sizes are below:

– Call of Duty: Ghosts, 39GB
– Madden NFL 25, 12GB
– LocoCycle, 13GB
– Skylanders, 15GB
– Dead Rising 3, 19GB
– Zumba Fitness, 24GB
– NBA 2K14, 43GB
– NBA Live, 9GB
– FIFA 14, 8GB
– Assassin’s Creed IV, 20GB
– Just Dance 2014, 22GB
– Ryse: Son of Rome, 34GB
– Forza 5, 31GB

The user also mentioned that there is no lag whatsoever on the game when using snap mode (which allows you to snap an app beside the game). In addition to this, games install to the hard drive automatically once the disk is inserted into the console, allowing you to browse the menus and run apps while the install is in progress.

Pressing the home button minimizes the game and returns you to the homescreen (as can be seen in the screenshot below) while holding the home button gives you a menu to turn off the controller or the console. Double tapping the home button switches the focus between the main app and the snapped app, and finally, busy and away statuses seem to have been removed, leaving only ‘Online’ and ‘Appear Offline’.