Microsoft have revealed the Xbox One will launch this November at the price of €499 in Europe, $499 in the US and £429 in the UK. The console’s new games have been shown in detail at the conference which just finished. Read on for more.

Microsoft showed many of their thirteen exclusive Xbox One games during their conference, which just ended. Exclusives include Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, a new Halo title and TitanFall. We’ll be rounding up all their announcements in the next hour on our E3 hub (we are also streaming all the conferences live and providing live updates). Please visit the E3 Hub by clicking here.

The price of $499/€499/£429 may be considered too high, however, we’ll discuss this later when we see what Sony reveal. Microsoft also announced various changes to Xbox Live, take a look at our E3 Hub for more!