Microsoft have announced a radical change to their indie development policies. On Xbox One, indie developers will no longer be required to have a publisher; they can self publish their games with no costs for the publishing itself, or in patching the game. Successful applicants will also receive two Xbox One dev kits free of charge.

ID@Xbox is the name of the new service being offered at Xbox, standing for Independent Developers @ Xbox. The new program allows indie devs access to the entire suite of Xbox One development tools, including Smart Glass, multiplayer, achievements, gamerscore, Kinect, cloud services and even more; meaning indie developers will not be limited on the console. They can patch their games for free after the initial free publishing of the game, and they will receive two free Xbox One development kits to help with funds.

Indie games will be located together will full titles in the unified Xbox One store, and will be given as good treatment as any other games published on Xbox One. Microsoft don’t even require that the game have any form of exclusivity to Xbox One; Microsoft simply recommend so. Indie developers took well to the announcement that Microsoft will be treating them better than they had in the past with the Xbox 360.

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