A new Youtube app has been made available to PS3 users in Europe today, showcasing an easy design, new features and the ability to quickly and effortlessly navigate Youtube using the Playstation 3 system. Read on for more….

The app uses the new design which Sony has slowly been transitioning to. First the new Playstation Store, then the online store and slowly Sony’s range of websites and 2013 Bravia Televisions… this is clearly their new brand style and will be present on the Playstation 4.

The Youtube app allows the queuing of videos with the use of a smartphone or tablet, then instant playback on the Playstation 3 system. An interesting feature coming to more and more devices.

The app is “designed for the big screen and PS3 controls and has search tools to find videos faster and easier, the option to sign-in to see all your subscribed channels including official music videos, and the ability to control the app using your smartphone.”