007 Legends is the latest video game offering from the James Bond series. The game is published by Activision and developed by Eurocom. It includes missions from five iconic Bond films and additional Skyfall missions have become available to download free-of-charge. Read on for our opinion on this great concept – was it executed well?

I’ll start off by putting this bluntly: the game is not great. While the concept is interesting and the game does have some redeeming points, the story just does not do it. 007 Legends returns you to five of Bond’s most popular films:

– Goldfinger
– Moonraker
– Die Another Die
– Licence to Kill
– On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Also available now are addition SKYFALL missions which can be downloaded free of charge for use within the game. The game borrows quite a number of elements for the Call of Duty franchise and it appears Activision gave its assets on loan to Eurocom for the development of the game. Shooting mechanics, guns and attachments all have an uncanny resemblance to the Call of Duty franchise which means one thing: 007 Legends is one hell of a good shooter.

While the loaning of COD assets to the game makes it feel like an excellent shooter, it does not stay true to the James Bond franchise and the game over relies on it’s FPS components. The game feels like a generic shooter, enhanced with Call of Duty assets and feels nothing like a James Bond game should. While many reviewers have been slamming it for this, I still feel the game has some redeeming points and should not be completely written-off as shovel-ware.

Graphically, the scenes in the game are beautifully designed and you will recognise some of the iconic locations and buildings featured in the movies. Overall, the game, characters, enemies, weapons and objects all look fantastic and the game delivers in this respect. While the story is lacking and virtually non-existent, shooter fans will still enjoy the game as it actually plays very well if you look at it from a shooter aspect.

Music and sound are average in the game and there is nothing too outstanding included, you will notice some similarities with sounds and music from the films, but, there isn’t really anything new produced for the game.

I don’t really need to make this review any longer than it is… it really is very simple:

– If you are a fan of shooters and don’t particularly care about the James Bond aspect, buy this game somewhere where it is being sold for a cheap price. The game is very similar to a Call of Duty campaign and will be enjoyed when you have little else to play.

– If you are a big fan of James Bond and planned to get the game for this reason only, hold off on buying the title and is will not be like any Bond films you can remember – the game is simply shooting… shooting… shooting. It does not live up to how Bond films deserve to be presented.

Here are the final scores: