Aliens: Colonial Marines has been waited upon for a long time. After numerous delays since it began as a PS2 game it has finally arrived on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, but was it worth the wait? While the gameplay isn’t too bad in certain parts of the game, the graphics just aren’t at all up to scratch and the game has many other negatives. Read on for our full review of the title…

This could have been the Alien game that all the fans of the franchise have been waiting for, the one that would truly represent the series. As a HUGE fan of the series myself… I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time. I thought, with Gearbox’s experience, this would be the Alien game that would play like the movies and be THE Alien game… but we all were fooled.

The game has been around since 2001 but was cancelled and purchased by Sega in 2006. Gearbox has therefore been working on the game for SEVEN YEARS, enough time for them to have been able to make a masterpiece. They announced the game title officially in 2008 and finally after delay, delay and delay, it finally was confirmed to have a concrete February 2013 release date.

There was a lot of controversy around the game and particularly the developers Gearbox, who had been claimed to have been moving focus from Colonial Marines to Borderlands 2 while still collecting equal payments from Sega. There were claims that other studios had been hired to develop the campaign and downloadable content in a very short space of time and the game was rushed to production in an unfinished state.

The graphics in the game, to put in plainly, are terrible. Rough animations, low quality textures, badly designed characters and a lack of good lighting all present themselves to the player within mere moments of beginning the game. Another element of the game that isn’t very well programmed is the AI – both the Aliens and your allies can do stupid things such as walking into walls. When they get stuck behind a door you closed their elbows protrude through the door and they engage in a running motion, then appearing in front of you moments later. They also often move and jiggle their arms and go into spasms mid-game for no apparent reason.

One of the other very noticeable problems with the game is the shooting mechanics. When you shoot the Aliens, you don’t get any accurate feedback, it doesn’t feel like you hit your enemy and I often had to check to see if it was dead, often discovering it wasn’t. There are no indicators that your bullets are hitting the Xenomorph and no signs that you have successfully killed it.

The game has been doing very well in sales, showing that many consumers didn’t look at reviews for this game, they were, like myself, anticipating this game so much that they wanted to just play it… twelve years after Fox originally announced the PS2 concept and seven since Sega took over the project. Many of the people who bought the game have been taking out their anger on the internet.

We reviewed the Xbox 360 version of the game, which is said to be the worst as far as I have gathered on the internet. Flat, blocky textures and objects pollute the game (which doesn’t even feature what I have heard are ‘nice environments’ present on the PC version of the game). One of the things that can be seen in the game as a positive is the LEVEL UP system, one of Gearbox Studio’s areas of expertise. The level system is the best aspect of the game and is so similar to Borderlands 2’s level system (also made by Gearbox) you would almost think it had been directly brought across from one game to the other, simply with the icons changed.

The only other positive is the multiplayer section of the game, which is noticeably better than the campaign, but still not up to scratch. The level and unlocks in the campaign carry over to the multiplayer. The campaign is awful and only lasts about 5-6 hours, an embarrassingly short campaign for a full-price retail game.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is a shocking, unfinished presentation which borders on being insulting to Aliens fans who may have paid full retail price for a short, glitchy and severely disappointing title. I recommend staying away from this game as it is obvious it was rushed out by Sega and Gearbox simply to earn money from the fans of the Alien series who have been waiting a long time to play this game.