Alundra, one of the gems of the PS1 system has been brought back to life on PSN by the fantastic MonkeyPaw Games in all it’s original PS1 glory. The title is available in almost every region on the Playstation Store. It can be played on PSP, PS3 or PS VITA. Read on for our review of this masterpiece.

Alundra was released in January 1998 to mostly positive reviews. It is only now that we can appreciate the game fully. In a time where gamers are sick of playing the same thing over and over in all the games they buy, they are looking for new experiences… sometimes the best place to find them are in old games!

This game tells the story of a young boy named ALUNDRA who is on a journey to a town called Inoa. The voyage does not go successfully and the ship goes down, however, he is found near to the village on a beach by a kind man who offers Alundra a room in his home.

Alundra has the unique ability to see into people’s minds and their dreams and change the outcome of them. The title has a very strange story and will be a treat for those who didn’t play the original on PS1. There is a large focus on puzzles in the game, some of them can be very difficult, however, this is only due to modern games being a lot easier than games from previous generations.

I love retro graphics. This game was a treat to view, the pixelated 2D sprites and backgrounds bring nostalgia of old gaming back to me and allowed me to appreciate the beauty of 8/16-BIT graphics in vivid colour on my Playstation Vita system. The limited colour palette brings back memories of the NES, SNES, PS1 and Gameboy Color. I adore this game’s graphics!

As with the graphics, I can really appreciate the old-school, retro sound effects and music present in the game. We all know the iconic 8 Bit sound effects which were around years ago, most notably the ones present in Mario. Alundra has sound effects of this style present and they are a treat for the ears!

The game has an extremely long story with very challenging parts, so you will be sure to get value for the €5 the game costs on the PS Store. MonkeyPaw Games have done a superb job with the conversion and the game runs perfectly on the PS3 and VITA. We urge ALL PS3 / VITA owners to try the game!

Here are the scores: