Greetings to all our loyal InsideTheBox readers, I appreciate you visiting the website. I have an important notice about the content shortage this week on InsideTheBox and an announcement of a new SUMMER OF VITA on InsideTheBox.

Firstly, I’m enjoying a nice holiday at the moment, getting a bit of relaxation. Unfortunately, this means I only have limited access to the PC to keep the site updated with news, so, I apologise for the absence of content on the website this week.. I will return on Monday.

On my return, I will be sure to get the site back up to full speed. Also, I’d like to introduce a new promotion on the site this summer, it’s called the SUMMER OF VITA on InsideTheBox.

I’m sure many have noticed the lack of VITA content on InsideTheBox, this was due to the fact we didn’t have a Vita, however, that has now changed. We have obtained a VITA console which we will be using for a number of Vita reviews over the course of the summer.

We promise to bring you 3-4 VITA reviews every week for 5 weeks over the course of July and the early part of August. Our summer of VITA will begin next week, so stick with us for some excellent VITA coverage!