Assassin’s Creed has grown to be a huge series, one rising every year and approaching the popularity of the some of the big first person shooters. It is no surprise, taking that into account, that there are many dedicated fans of the series who love the artwork and style. The high-quality collectible book publisher Insight Editions has a solution: the Assassin’s Creed Poster Collection!

Included in this collection are 40 posters (20 double-sided posters) from the game series, each featuring a piece of artwork from a unique scene or event in one of the games. As always, the printing and paper quality of Insight Editions’ products are of the highest standard, and never have I seen any printing errors, damaged contents or flimsy paper. The same remains true with all of their poster collections, include Assassin’s Creed.

The fans of the games may wish to decorate their room with some AC memorabilia, and this poster collection has a great mix of posters at a great price, varied to enough to have something to suit any fan. A great mix of characters, environments and scenes are used in the poster collection, and it is great to see that the Insight Editions team consistently deliver on their promise of a great product. This set does a great job brightening up any gamer’s bedroom with some authentic game images.

The posters are printed on a thick, high-quality 12″ x 16″ paper, which is attached in a ‘pull-out’ format. Each double-sided poster can be easily removed by gently tugging at the poster. Do not worry about bending or creasing the paper, it is thick enough to remain undamaged. Even the front and back of covers of the collection have a lovely design, and again are printed on high quality paper, which does a great job of protecting the posters.

High-resolution shots, likely sourced directly from the development team, were obviously used in the production of this poster collection. The printed finished posters look excellent, and the biggest downfall to the product is that there is such a big selection of posters, you won’t be able to decide which posters to use!

The collection is on sale now for $24.99, similar to most of the publisher’s poster collections, working out at approximately 62.5c per poster. This is a far better price than you would pay if you were trying to source a set of professionally-printed posters for a certain game, TV show or movie. Of course, with Insight Editions, you are always guaranteed quality and can rely on the company’s strong reputation.

Overall, I feel this collection is a great value product, and is a must-buy if you are a fan of the series, or a collector of game posters. Make sure you pick up your copy now, direct from Insight Editions’ website!