Welcome! It’s time for another review from our PC Build feature. Today, we have the Bamboo Manga graphics tablet, so, thanks to Wacom for providing the sample for analysis for our PC Build feature.

The Bamboo Manga is almost identical to the PEN & TOUCH small version, however, the Manga bundles in some free software. Unfortunately, the Manga only comes in small size, so, if you want a larger size graphics tablet, you would need to go for the standard Pen & Touch.

Personally, I feel the Manga is a perfect size graphics tablet, and is great for anyone who is going to need their tablet on the move. It’s light, it’s compact and it’s easy to use and setup. If you plan to draw on the go, the Manga adds extra value and recommendability.

Firstly, lets talk about the packaging. The tablet is packed very well, and has very little chance of getting damaged in shipping. The outer design of the packaging is beautiful, and has manga drawings featured on the front of the box. Inside the box, you will find your tablet, the included pen, your redemption codes for the manga software and a variety of documentation.

The tablet itself has a very nice design, and looks and feels like a premium product. The simplistic design featured on the solid, well-built unit make for a very well performing and stylist tablet, with a fantastic price tag! The Bamboo Manga is available for just £89.99 including the software. This is an excellent price for a professional graphics tablet.

The included software package, the Manga Studio Debut 4 and Anime Studio Debut 8 make it very simple to create your own Manga and Anime using the Manga tablet. These software packages do all the hard work of packing together the drawings into a finished series, and will ensure you are making finished publications in no time! Overall, they are a great resource for artistic users!

The included pen is a very good standard user pen, and those who want custom tipped pens can buy a variety of them direct from Wacom. For most people, the included pen will be absolutely fine. Overall, the tablet itself works superbly, and the drawing quality is amazing. I definitely recommend this tablet for mange and anime users.

To finish off our review, we’ll talk about a few specs. The tablet itself weighs 0.92lbs, and the size of the active tablet surface measures 5.8″ times 3.6″. The tablet has 1024 pressure levels, supports multi-touch and has a 2540 lpi resolution.

The unit has 4 Expresskeys, which can be used for a variety of functions. Wireless support can be added by purchasing the accessory kit and the tablet comes with a 2 year warranty. Without a doubt, the Bamboo Manga deserves a gold award.